Are you driven enough to find treasure in Somersham?

Treasure Hunt Mania by Leap Kye via CreativeCommons

This Tuesday (17th June), sees the return of the Car Treasure Hunt.

Starting with an hour’s worth of staggered starts from 6:30pm from the Football Club West End Ground, Somersham’s drivers and their passengers are invited to take part in a treasure hunt that will see them tour the area competing for the Claire Kirby Memorial Trophy.

Adults: £3.00, Children £1.00 entry (which includes some light refreshments).

The winners will be announced, and the trophy presented, at 9:30pm.

The Somersham Snorklers won 'Best Costume'. Photo: JLC Photography Ltd.
The Somersham Snorklers won ‘Best Costume’ at last year’s Car Treasure Hunt. Photo: JLC Photography Ltd.

There’s also a prize for the Best Team Fancy Dress in this year’s Carnival ‘Commonwealth’ theme.

Last year’s winners were ‘Buckets and Spades’ (Anne and Clive Desborough, and Lynn and Derek Martin), and ‘The Somersham Snorklers’ won best Fancy Dress (pictured).

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Buckets and Spades beat Old Crabs and Beach Bells to the treasure

On Thursday, the Car Treasure Hunt took place in and around Somersham.

With a staggered start, there were 22 teams taking part in this year’s hunt. Armed with a series of clues and the keys to their car of choice, the teams set off.

The winners were ‘Buckets and Spades’ (Anne and Clive Desborough, and Lynn and Derek Martin).

In second place were team ‘Old Crabs’ with ‘Beach Bells’ in third.

Getting into the theme of ‘Beside The Seaside’, team ‘The Somersham Snorklers’ were awarded the title of ‘Best Costume’.

Check out the gallery below:

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Join in the Car Treasure Hunt around Somersham

Two women sitting in a car after taking part in Somersham Carnival 2011 Car Treasure Hunt

Join in the fun with this year’s ‘Car Treasure Hunt’!

2012 Car Treasure Hunt on 19th June

On Tuesday 19th June, the Somersham Carnival Car Treasure Hunt takes place, leading teams around the Somersham area.

To take part, you need to decide on a team name in keeping with this year’s ‘Going For Gold’ theme, and then drive along to the Victory Hall for staggered starts between 6.30-7.30pm.

It costs £2.50 per adult, and £1.00 per child to take part, and this includes refreshments.

The winning team of the treasure hunt will be presented with the Clare Kirby Memorial Trophy at approximately 10.30pm.

The Car Treasure Hunt is kindly organised by Debbie Jones and Amanda Bateman.