Your Move! Create a Picture for the Carnival Programme Cover

Somersham Carnival is inviting all primary school age children who live or attend school in Somersham and Pidley to design a picture to feature on the front cover of the Carnival Programme, distributed to over 2,000 homes.

Carnival Week is Friday 16th to 25th June 2017 (Carnival Day is on Saturday 24th June) and the theme this year is “Board Games” and so we are asking for a picture of your idea for a board game or people having fun playing a board game.

To enter the competition – please prepare your picture inside the box provided on the entry form (you can download one from our Downloads page or use any sheet of A4 plain white paper) and fill in your details in the spaces below it. Please also tell us the name of the board game being played – whether it’s a ‘real’ board game or one you’ve thought up and yet to be made…

Use up as much space as the box allows but please keep within the lines. You can create your picture in any way you like – pencils, crayons, paint, or a combination. Do use colour and try to make your scene bright but please don’t include any words or title in the design (we will add them later). Your picture should be your own creation and not a copy of an existing picture.

Return your design to your school office after Half Term or deliver it to 21 Parkhall Road. The closing Date is Friday 24th Feb 2017.  Somersham Carnival Committee will judge all the entries and will notify the winner by the end of March.

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